Will Conservatives Make The Republican Party Great Again?

epublican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a rally at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California on June 2, 2016.
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Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, but you cannot escape the fact that he garnered a record number of votes in the primaries and has won, so far, per the perceived current Party rules, more than 60 percent of the delegates needed to be named the nominee at the Republican National Convention in July.

But, some political pundits are now calling on the delegates to come up with new convention rules so that they do not have to award those delegates automatically to Donald Trump on the first ballot.

The Delegates Have The Ultimate Power To Select The Nominee

The delegates are free to write and adopt new convention rules. Will they?

If they do this, will the delegates destroy the Republican Party? Will those advocating this possibility change their tune and drop such talk and, instead, publicly support our presumptive nominee, Donald Trump?

Rule 4(b) Of The Rules Of The Republican Party Calls For Unity For The Party Nominee

If any of those pundits were actually members of the Republican National Committee, and refused to support the eventual nominee, they would risk expulsion from the RNC for publicly not supporting the presidential nominee. Granted, Donald Trump is not yet the nominee, but regarding whomever the delegates eventually elect as the nominee, Rule 4(b) of the Rules of the Republican Party states:

The Republican National Committee shall have the power to declare vacant the seat of any member who refuses to support the Republican nominee for President of the United States or Vice President of the United States.

The RNC consists of 168 members, three from each of the states and territories, consisting of the elected chairman and national committeeman and national committeewoman of the state parties of the fifty-six states and territories.

Maybe people like Hugh Hewitt and Bill Kristol and the other #NeverTrump advocates ought to contemplate why the RNC itself, for its members, has a Rule that calls for its members to rally around the eventual nominees of the Party?

Maybe Rule 4(b) exists because its drafters thought that it helps, when trying to win the presidency, that all Republicans, after the primary system has played out, and the nominee has been selected by the delegates (who come from the fifty-six states and territories and have the actual power to select the nominee), come together in unity and publicly support that nominee.

You know, that old “united we stand, divided we fall” business.

Ya think?

Some are now hoping that all those Republicans who are Cruz supporters or Kasich supporters or Rubio supporters will band together at the convention and either change the convention rules or, if the Rules remain the same, invoke Rule 38 to “vote their conscience” and not cast their ballot on the first ballot for Donald Trump.

How Best To Get The Attention Of The Party Officers: Show Up

If you oppose this, you can make your opposition heard by the Party in a concrete way, assuming you are a Trump supporter, or, at least, someone who wants the Party to unify. Show the Party you mean business and you want to make the Party stronger and more unified.

How? Show up at your next local Party committee meeting. Get on the internet and find the web site for your county and/or local district Party committee. Find out when and where they meet. Or, call them.

Conservatives Can Make The Republican Party Great Again – If They Get “Inside” It

The convention does not begin until July 18. So, your local district or county committee will probably meet at least once before then. You have the opportunity to physically show up at the meeting, along with as many other conservatives you know, who may support Donald Trump or, at least, the notion that the Party ought to now unify, and make your views known. And, you have the opportunity to now get “inside” our Party to help make sure our Party becomes a unified party that supports our nominee who won per the presumptive rules and won big. If conservatives do not do this, they run the risk of some other group, such as the #NeverTrump-ers, doing this instead.

Please go and read a few of my short articles here at Breitbart.com about how to get involved in party politics. Because if you do not get involved for at least a few hours to help get out the vote for our nominee, assuming it is Donald Trump, his ability to win in the general election may be in jeopardy – by lack of participation in get out the vote efforts by grass roots Republican Party Trump supporters in every voting precinct. (Not having focused on building a get out the vote “ground game” is what sunk Romney in the general election.) Then, take the few steps and little bit of time needed to become a precinct committeeman for your precinct. Making you a “voting member” of the Party apparatus.

So, what will the national convention delegates do?

Time will tell.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile, attend your local Republican Party committee meeting. Take along every conservative you know. Introduce yourselves to the committee officers and tell them you want to become voting members of the committee to help get out the vote for the Party’s nominee. And that you want the Party’s national convention delegates to unify behind the Party’s presumptive nominee. And that you want that message sent to your state’s national convention delegates.

Then please let me know how it played out.

Daniel J. Schultz has been a Republican Party precinct committeeman since 2007 and was a co-winner of the Conservative HQ Liberty Prize based on his e-book Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy.


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