Video Shows Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash with Portland Police

Don't Shoot PDX Twitter

A new wave of violent, anti-police protests have sprung up across America in the past couple of weeks, as a newly released video shows angry protesters taking on law enforcement in Portland, Oregon.

The chaos was caused by a downtown demonstration led by the group Don’t Shoot PDX, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement but a different group than the Portland chapter of Black Lives Matter. The video shows two protesters aggressively approaching officers and screaming at them when one seems to make some sort of physical contact. At that point, several officers move in while another seems to back the protesters off with an “air shot.” The clip then shows protesters holding a banner and blocking the sidewalk as police try to move by. When the protesters refuse to yield, one police officer grabs the group’s banner.

Other protests around the country have made headlines in Charlotte, North Carolina and this week in El Cajon, California where Breitbart News reported a man wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” baseball cap was violently assaulted by a Black Lives Matter mob.

The group Don’t Shoot PDX has been engaging in direct action protest for several years in Portland. The Twitter biography for the group reads:

We are citizen advocates united in protest against racism, police brutality, and state violence. We demand justice. #Rights365 #BlackLivesMatter

The group has also retweeted a post by Ferguson protester BrownBlaze that paid tribute to convicted cop-killer and “queen of the Black Liberation Army” Assata Shakur, who was the first woman placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list and who is currently living in exile in Cuba:

As Breitbart News has previously reported and as the upcoming documentary The BloodyRoad to Philadelphia shows, Assata Shakur is the hero of the Black Lives Matter movement’s founders, who quote the convicted cop killer and prison escapee at every event.

Earlier this week, plans for Don’t Shoot PDX to meet with Portland’s mayor Charlie Hales were scuttled after Hales discovered the group planned to do a sit-in at City Hall. After a sit-in at City Hall last Friday by Don’t Shoot PDX, the walls were covered with graffiti, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“KATE BROWN I$ A LESBIAN LOL,” read one. “Charlie Hales is a pu$$y,” read another. A third scrawl said “ACAB,” a common abbreviation for “All Coppers Are Bastards.”

Greg McKelvey of Don’t Shoot Portland said his group isn’t to blame, adding that anarchists unaffiliated with the movement crashed the protest.

Activist McKelvey shifted the blame for the vandalism, telling Oregon Public Broadcasting, ”If the mayor hadn’t kept us waiting for three hours, that wouldn’t have happened.”

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