Leftists Mount Campaign Against Yuengling After Owner Hosts Eric Trump

From Twitter
From Twitter

American leftists are organizing against Yuengling brewery, now that owner Dick Yuengling hosted Eric Trump at his brewery.

The New York Times reports that Brian Sims, a Pennsylvania state representative, wants to boycott the popular Pennsylvania brewery in response.

“Today it was disclosed that D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. and the Yuengling Brewery are using OUR dollars to support Donald J. Trump!,” Sims wrote on his Facebook wall, posting a photo of the owner and the younger Trump.

Two bars have announced via Sims that they are removing Yuengling from their stock and canceling future orders.

Sims wrote that by drinking Yuengling, Pennsylvanians were allowing their money to be, “used RIGHT NOW to give power to his bigotted (sic) messages attacking our black and brown neighbors and all of the women in our lives.”

He specifically called out bars on Facebook, demanding that they pull their support for Yuengling beer, citing the hashtag #LoveTrumpsYuengling.

D.G. Yuengling and Son, a fifth-generation family owned brewery is America’s oldest brewery, and is a popular low-priced lager on the East Coast and some midwest states.

In August 2013, Dick Yuengling faced union boycotts, after supporting “Right to Work” laws in Pennsylvania.

Despite calls for a boycott, Yuengling lovers have reacted by vowing to drink more.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:





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