Julian Assange: WikiLeaks’ Clinton Emails Did Not Come from Russia

RT / YouTube

Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has declared that the Russian government is not the source of emails his organization has published from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, as part of an exclusive interview with Russia Today.

In the interview, which will be broadcast on Saturday, Assange contended that the “Clinton camp has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria that Russia is responsible for everything.”

“Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 US intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia is the source of our publications,” he continued. “That’s false; we can say that the Russian government is not our source.”

At the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said that the “most important question” was whether Donald Trump would condemn Vladimir Putin and Russia’s supposed attempts to sway the presidential election.

Some of the most explosive revelations so far to come from the email leaks include private speeches from Hillary Clinton where she discussed her “dream of open borders” and evidence that top DNC staffer and then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile fed her questions before primary debates with Bernie Sanders.

Assange, who was speaking from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he is currently seeking asylum, also described how he felt sympathy for Clinton — describing her as someone who has been “eaten alive by their ambitions.”

“Hillary Clinton is just one person. I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person,” Assange said, “because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick – for example, faint – as a result of going on, and going with their ambitions.”

“But she represents a whole network of people, and a whole network of relationships with particular states,” he added.

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