Harry Reid Counters Call For Unity: ‘Trump Has Emboldened The Forces of Hate and Bigotry’


In a statement addressing the “election of Donald Trump,” retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) calls on President-elect Trump to “roll back the tide of hate he unleashed.”

“I have personally been on the ballot in Nevada for 26 elections and I have never seen anything like the reaction to the election completed last Tuesday,” Reid begins. “The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.” Reid’s comments come as anti-Trump riots have broken out across the nation and as other leading Democrats including President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have called for unity.

Reid claims that white nationalists, Vladimir Putin, and ISIS are celebrating Trump’s win while many Americans are afraid.

White nationalists, Vladimir Putin and ISIS are celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, while innocent, law-abiding Americans are wracked with fear – especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, LGBT Americans and Asian Americans. Watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent Americans cry tears of fear does not feel like America.

In the statement Reid lists segments of America that are “fearful” after Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday.

I have heard more stories in the past 48 hours of Americans living in fear of their own government and their fellow Americans than I can remember hearing in five decades in politics. Hispanic Americans who fear their families will be torn apart, African Americans being heckled on the street, Muslim Americans afraid to wear a headscarf, gay and lesbian couples having slurs hurled at them and feeling afraid to walk down the street holding hands. American children waking up in the middle of the night crying, terrified that Trump will take their parents away. Young girls unable to understand why a man who brags about sexually assaulting women has been elected president.

Reid finishes by setting his criteria for “healing” the divided nation by calling Donald Trump a “sexual predator” who “fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate.”

If Trump wants to roll back the tide of hate he unleashed, he has a tremendous amount of work to do and he must begin immediately.

Reid is serving out his final months before retiring from his role as Senate Minority Leader and as Senator from Nevada in January.

Dustin Stockton is a political reporter for Breitbart News, a community liaison for Gun Owners of America, and a political strategist. Follow him on Twitter @DustinStockton or Facebook.


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