Ed Klein Doubts ‘Clinton Dynasty Will Be Carried on the Shoulders of Chelsea’

Chelsea Clinton speaks in A No Ceilings Conversation at Lower Eastside Girls Club in New York April 17, 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Veteran journalist and editor Ed Klein, author of Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, has little patience for Hillary Clinton’s claim that the FBI threw the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

“Nope. Period. New paragraph,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily, pointing to a post on his website where he exclusively quotes Clinton insiders about Bill and Hillary’s “knock-down, drag-out fight” over Comey.

“He thinks it has very little, if anything, to do with James Comey, and everything to do with her, Robby Mook her campaign manager, John Podesta her campaign chairman – their lack of understanding of what was going on, what has been going on, what is going on in this country, in terms of the white – and black – disgust with the direction of this country,” Klein said “That they were out of touch, the Clintons, the Clinton campaign was totally out of touch, and failed to take into consideration this anger, this need and desire and thirst for change.”

“Bill Clinton analyzes this quite thoroughly, and he also says that he, Clinton, urged the campaign to revise their strategy, and that they wouldn’t listen to him because they thought he was too old and out of date, and they marginalized him entirely,” Klein said.

Klein laid out his top five reasons for why Hillary Clinton lost the election: “Number one, Hillary. Number two, Hillary. Number three, Hillary. Number four, Hillary. Number five, Hillary.”

“She was a lousy candidate,” he elaborated. “She’s been around forever. Everyone knows she’s guilty as sin. Everyone knows that she’s a criminal. I mean, it is mind-boggling to think that the Democrats really, truly believed that someone as shopworn as she is was suitable to be elected as President of the United States, in this new atmosphere that we have in this country.”

Klein was unsurprised to see Mrs. Clinton playing the blame game after the election. “Have you ever known Hillary to take responsibility for anything?” he asked.

“If she had come forward and said, ‘You know, folks, I take full and complete responsibility for this defeat, I wasn’t entirely aware of what was bubbling up in this country, and it is my fault’ – if she had done that, she would have, for the first time in her entire professional life, she would have gained a kind of – ‘sympathy’ is not the right word, but ‘attachment’ to the American people that she’s never had,” Klein suggested.

“At every turn of her life, she’s pointed accusing fingers at other people for her own self-made problems. This certainly, this campaign, she was the general of the campaign. She lost the war. She should take the responsibility,” he said.

Klein professed that he was struggling with the question of whether President Trump will, or should, allow Hillary Clinton to fade away without facing further legal consequences for her actions.

“We do know that there are four congressional committees investigating her. Two in the House, two in the Senate,” he told Marlow. “We also know, as you pointed out in your introduction, that the FBI has had, for almost two years now, an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. So that’s a fifth investigation. So the question I have to myself – and I haven’t really answered this question, although I think I know where I’m leaning – is it in the interests of Donald Trump, the Trump administration, and the American people to pursue what is clearly criminal activity on her part, including perjury, obstruction of justice, endangering national security, public corruption, et cetera, et cetera, and actually find her guilty and perhaps at least fine her, and perhaps even put her away? Or is it in the interests of what Donald Trump wants to accomplish to put this aside, so that it is not a distraction and doesn’t further create this partisan excuse to attack Trump?”

Klein said that after listening to Trump’s 60 Minutes interview during the weekend, he thought Trump’s position was, “I don’t want to hurt these people; they’re good people.”

“I’m not so sure they’re such good people,” Klein commented. “I personally think she should pay for her crimes. I think that, in this country, if somebody like Hillary Clinton can get away with all of the things that I just listed, without any kind of consequences, I think it does great damage to our criminal justice system, and to our principle of equality under the law. So from my perspective, even though it’s a risk, I think that these investigations should continue, and they should get to the truth of the matter – even if that means pinning Hillary Clinton to the wall and making her pay for her crimes.”

“Now, there is this possibility that President Obama can pardon her in advance,” he noted. “He has the power to do that. I’m not saying he should. I would imagine that if Hillary feels the hot breath of one of these four committees for the FBI breathing down her neck, she may go to Obama and ask him for a pardon or have somebody do that for her.”

“And Obama, I think he’s gonna have to look into his political soul to decide whether he wants to that because if he does, it will be part of his legacy – of which he apparently feels more strongly than he does about anything else in this world,” Klein said.

He speculated that even if Hillary Clinton is never found guilty in a court of law, “I can’t imagine that the Clintons have any chance of any kind of a comeback or any hold on power in this country, moving into the future.”

“And that means their Foundation, which was built on the assumption that the Clintons were going to get back into power, and therefore let’s give them a lot of money so that we have influence; that’s all gonna dry up,” Klein predicted. “It probably dried up already, as we speak right now.”

Klein thought that even Chelsea Clinton, who has been floated as a possible future congressional candidate, has been “compromised” by the Clinton Foundation corruption scandal. Furthermore, he said that based on his knowledge of Chelsea Clinton, she’s even more unlikable than her mother.

“She is not a likable human being,” Klein said. “She is widely despised in the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn and at the Clinton Foundation because whatever little subtlety Hillary might have, Chelsea has none whatsoever. She throws her weight around, she’s arrogant, smug, and thinks that she’s always the smartest person in the room. She’s fired many people. Many people have left the organization because of her.”

“I think she’d make a lousy candidate, and I think she’s very easily beatable, if she runs for, what is it, Nita Lowey’s congressional seat in Manhattan, which is what people are rumoring about. It’s very hard for me to think that the Clinton dynasty, quote-unquote, will be carried on the shoulders of Chelsea Clinton,” Klein predicted.

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