World’s Oldest Person Doesn’t Eat Two Foods We’ve Been Told Are Healthy

Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters
Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters

Emma Morano, the world’s oldest person, celebrated her 117th birthday Tuesday in Italy, but her secret to longevity is not what most people think.

Emma Morano does not eat fruits and vegetables. Instead, she eats two raw eggs per day.

“When I first knew her she used to eat three eggs a day. Two raw, and one fried. Today she has slowed down a bit, reducing the number to two some days because she says three can be too much,” her doctor Carlo Bava told Reuters TV.

“She has never eaten much fruit or vegetables. Her characteristic is that she always eats the same thing, every day, every week, every month and every year.”

Morano was born in November 1899, living through three centuries and 90 Italian governments.

She lives alone and has outlived all her eight brothers and sisters, including one who died at 102.

Morano became the world’s oldest woman in May after the previous record-holder, Susannah Mushatt Jones, died in New York City at the age of 116 years and 311 days.


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