Exclusive–Sen. Mike Lee: Protests Against Sen. Jeff Sessions ‘A Little More Cowbell Than I Had Predicted’

mike Lee
Mark Wilson/Getty

GOP Utah senator Mike Lee told Breitbart News Tuesday he was disappointed by the circus atmosphere at the confirmation hearing for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.).

“It is about what I expected–a little more cowbell than I had predicted–there have been an unusual number of outbursts within the hearing room,” said Lee.

“I think that is unfortunate … It cheapens the proceedings,” said Lee, who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, first when he was a federal appeals judge and then again when Alito was on the Supreme Court.

The Senator said people have a right to express themselves guaranteed by the First Amendment, but they should express themselves in a way that does not disrupt the confirmation hearings for Sessions.

Lee said since he came to the Senate in 2011, he has come to enjoy working with Sessions. “He is a good man,” he said.

“In the six years of working with him, Jeff Sessions has always–I have seen him many situations–I have never seen him treat anyone with disrespect –even in moments when people were saying things that he strongly disagreed with,” he said. “It speaks volumes about him,” he added.

“He is a very good person and I can’t say that about everyone, but I can definitely say it about him.”


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