Sean Spicer Scolds Media for Negative Donald Trump Coverage


White House press secretary Sean Spicer called out the media for repeatedly trying to undermine and demoralize President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“He’s gone out there and defied the odds over and over and over again, and he keeps getting told what he can’t do by this narrative that’s out there,” Spicer said. “And he exceeds it every single time.”

Spicer made his remarks during a question and answer session with CNN’s Jim Acosta during the White House Press briefing.

During the briefing, Spicer listed all of the speculative predictions that the media made during Trump’s campaign, the transition, and the inauguration that turned out to be wrong.

“I think over and over again there’s this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement that he represents,” Spicer said. “And it’s frustrating for not just him, but I think so many of us that are trying to work to get this message out.”

Throughout his time in Washington, Spicer said, the media had never been as negative as they were toward Trump, calling it “demoralizing.”

“I’ve never seen it like this, Jim,” he told Acosta, adding later that the “default narrative is always negative and it’s demoralizing.”

Despite accusations that Spicer misled the media, he said that he would never intentionally lie to them.

“There are certain things that we may not fully understand when we come out,” he said. “But our intention’s never to lie to you.”


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