Donald Trump Vows Massive Regulatory Cuts and $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending

Trump with Shovel-AP

President Donald Trump spoke to a group of CEOs at a White House sponsored town hall to discuss infrastructure spending and his plan to cut onerous regulations.

During the event, Trump displayed a massive chart of the regulatory permitting process for a highway.

Trump previewed his plan to pass a trillion dollar infrastructure spending bill, but said he wanted companies taking the funding to start on their project within 90 days, or they wouldn’t get anything.

He also committed to shortening the regulatory and permitting process from 10-20 years down to just a year.

“We’re going to be able to get rid of 90%-95% of that and still have the same kind of protection,” he said, referring to environmental concerns.

Trump admitted that the massive regulations favored bigger builders who could afford to get through the lengthy process, but said he wanted to open it up to others.

“We’re going to cut a lot of red tape,” he promised.

Several New York CEO’s at the event specifically urged Trump to spend more money on infrastructure in the region, citing the percentage of tax dollars sent to the Federal Government.

“I love New York and in some ways, we’re all lucky that I’m from New York, because New York has unique problems,” Trump said. But he also singled out Los Angeles and Chicago as cities needing more investments.

“I am watching over everybody,” he promised.


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