Shannon Watts to Women: Run for Congress, Institute Gun Control


Gun control proponent Shannon Watts is urging women to run for Congress with the goal of instituting gun control once in D.C.

Watts is the founder of Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action.

According to Vogue, Watts introduced her gun control advocacy by pointing to the days immediately after Sandy Hook, saying, “I had been through so many mass shootings as an American.” She listed the 1991 shooting at Luby’s in Killeen, Texas, as the first of those which she has been through, and from there Watts listed, “Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Gabby Giffords,” and finally, Sandy Hook.

She leaves out quite a bit of pertinent information, including Texas Monthly‘s report that at least one of the law-abiding citizens at the Luby’s had a gun in the car but was not able to have it on their person because Texas lacked a concealed carry permitting process. That person survived the rampage but could not intervene to save her parents. Texas remedied that by adopting a concealed permitting process, and the state has not seen been another Luby’s-like attack.

Watts also overlooks the fact that Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the Aurora movie theater were all gun-free zones. In other words, they had 100 percent gun control. The criminals who attacked did not follow the gun-free regulations, but the defenseless victims did.

She then goes on to suggest that her group’s failure to secure success in the U.S. Congress is actually something that should reinvigorate other gun controllers. In sum, “Don’t be discouraged by the lack of results in Congress, be invigorated by it.”

Watt’s plan for success? Have women run for Congress who then institute gun control. She said, “We just did a poll of our volunteer base and more than 200 women plan to run in 2018. Several of them have already filed and are already running in special elections across the country. I think that is in many ways part of the solution to this crisis. We need to have more women in office making the laws.”

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