Sarah Sanders: If Americans Cared What Celebrities Thought, Then Hillary Clinton Would Be President

Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders mocked celebrities for hosting an Anti-State of the Union Address in New York City, pointing to their waning influence in the realm of politics.

“I think if Americans cared what celebrities thought then Hillary Clinton would be president but they clearly don’t,” Sanders said in an interview on Fox News. “She brought out every A-list, B-list and C-list celebrity she could find to help her build crowds and it didn’t matter.”

Sanders said that celebrities were suffering from “negativity” and “delusion” pointing to the strong the appointment of conservative judges.

“Frankly, I almost feel sorry for these people,” she continued. “They’re so focused on hating this president that they’re missing all of the great things that are happening in this country. I think that’s really sad for them.”

Sanders said that Trump had a great story to tell about his first year as president and would deliver a great speech at his State of the Union address to Congress.

“I think you’re going to see the heart of the president tonight,” Sanders said.


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