Never Give Up! Hillary Clinton’s Coughing Fit Returns During Feminist Activism Speech

Hillary Clinton
Video 2018 MAKERS Conference

Hillary Clinton’s latest rallying cry for women’s activism was disrupted by a coughing fit, recalling her health struggles on the 2016 campaign trail.

Clinton spoke for about eight minutes on Wednesday for a live stream video to the 2018 MAKERS Conference, urging women to continue fighting to “keep sexism out of politics.”

After complaining about an “all-out assault on core values of democracy,” Clinton promised to soldier on.

“I pledge to continue to speak out, I pledge to never give up,” Clinton vows in the video before coughing.

Reaching for a glass of water, Clinton stares at the camera as she gulps the drink and tells the audience that she will do “everything I can to keep my voice” and “advance the rights and opportunities of women.”


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