A Florida woman was allegedly savagely beaten by two women armed with baseball bats in a South Florida parking lot Thursday after the victim said she cut off one of the suspects while driving in a plaza near U.S. Route 441.

Mikaela Barboza, 26, suffered a broken nose and lacerations to her head that required seven staples and seven stitches after the two sisters attacked her with the bats, the Daily Mail reported.

“My nose is the worst of it,” she told the Miami Herald Sunday, days after the Thursday afternoon beating. “I can’t even breathe out of it.”

After the victim said she cut a driver off while driving in the shopping plaza, a woman allegedly started yelling at her along with another driver who told her that what she did to her sister was “disrespectful.”

Barboza said she took a cell phone video of one of her attackers coming at her with a baseball bat while screaming profanities before a second woman swung a bat at her and the video cut out.

WSVN reported that Barboza’s acquaintance took a second video showing the victim and one of the alleged attackers wrestling on the ground.

“We were kind of wrestling and the other sister with the other bat came over and started beating me over the head,” Barboza said.

Bystanders broke up the fight and the two attackers fled the scene before the police arrived.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident is currently under investigation.

Barboza filed a police report while she was receiving treatment at the hospital and said that she intends to press charges against the women once they are found.

“I’m pressing charges of course,” Barboza said. “I want justice to be served. I want them off the street and in jail.”