California Voters Oppose Arming Teachers to Shoot Back if Under Attack

In this photo taken July 11, 2013, a Clarksville schools faculty member, wearing a protective mask, rear center, carries a practice handgun toward a classroom in the city's high school in Clarksville, Ark., as students portray victims in a mock school shooting scenario. Twenty Clarksville School District staff members are …
AP Photo/Danny Johnston

By a wide margin California voters support more gun control and oppose arming teachers to shoot back if under attack.

The opposition to armed teachers was uncovered via a Berkeley-IGS Poll and reported by the Sacramento Bee. The poll found 61 percent of voters opposed arming teachers while only 37 percent supported it.

When viewed by political affiliation, 83 percent of Democrats opposed allowing teachers to be armed to protect themselves and their students, while 75 percent of Republicans supported the idea.

The same poll showed 67 percent of California voters support “a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons” and they support “tightening restrictions on gun ownership over protecting Second Amendment rights.”

Ironically, California has an “assault weapons” ban and the state Democrats have relentlessly pushed tightened restrictions on gun ownership over Second Amendment rights. Yet California witnessed the May 23, 2014 Santa Barbara shooting, the December 2, 2015, San Bernardino shooting, the October 8, 2016, murderous ambush of Palm Springs police officers, the April 18, 2017, Fresno shooting, the March 8, 2019, Yountville Veterans’ Home attack, and the April 3, 2018, shooting at YouTube headquarters.

The Bee references the the 1994-2004 federal ban on “assault weapons” as something desirable to Democrat lawmakers. However, they do not mention that the ban did not prohibit the purchase or possession of such weapons.

Contrary to common knowledge, the “assault weapons” ban only banned certain cosmetic features on the guns. Flash hiders, collapsible stocks, thumb hole stocks, etc, were all banned, but rifles without these characteristics were legal to purchase and own.

The whole ban was a facade, and the push to reinstate it is a push to reinstate a ban that already failed to reduce crime.


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