Gary Cohn: ‘Globalist Gary’ Nickname ‘Flattering’

Gary Cohn
Mark Wilson/Getty

Former White House economic advisor to President Donald Trump Gary Cohn said he found it “flattering” to be described as a globalist.

“I thought that was kind of a flattering name,” Cohn chuckled. “I’ve been called a lot worse.”

Cohn made his remarks during a Q-and-A session with the Washington Post’s Damian Paletta who specifically asked about Breitbart News using the nickname “Globalist Gary” in their headlines.

Cohn said that he enjoyed having a diversity of opinions at the White House when important decisions came in front of the president, “as long as people were discussing and using fact based analysis and not hyperbole.”

When asked if that always happened, Cohn laughed and noted that he remained “fact-based” but did not speak to the behavior of other advisors.

He also criticized Peter Navarro for saying that Justin Trudeau belonged in a “special place in hell” for betraying the president at the G-7 summit.

“It’s just inappropriate and uncalled for and that’s not his job,” Cohn said.