Chuck Schumer: Trump Must Take ‘First Step’ to Fix Border Family Issue, Not Congress

Win McNamee, SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday that the Trump administration — not Congress — must act first to solve the family separation issue at the Southern border.

REPORTER #1:” Senator Schumer, Leader McConnell just said that in an ideal world, there would be a bipartisan solution to end the child separation issue that could be voice voted by the end of this week. Given how different the two parties are on the policy side of this, is that even remotely possible?”

SEN. SCHUMER: “Well look, I’m always glad when people are talking but the President and the Administration can solve this problem on their own. That’s the quickest, best, and easiest way to solve it.”

REPORTER #2: “When you talk about a narrow fix, is there a particular length of time that you would be comfortable detaining children with their parents?”

SEN. SCHUMER: “As I said, the president created this problem. The quickest way to fix it is administratively. The president can do that. He do it quickly, he can do if efficaciously and that ought to be the first step here. I’m glad people are talking, they should continue to talk. But that’s the way to solve it.”


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