Donald Trump Praises Modern Walls Around the World as Shutdown Enters Day 26

walls and fences and barriers
(AP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump pointed Wednesday to modern walls built around the world used successfully to secure borders and protect citizens.

“There are now 77 major or significant Walls built around the world, with 45 countries planning or building Walls,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Over 800 miles of Walls have been built in Europe since only 2015. They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful.”

As Breitbart News reported Monday, both modern and ancient walls work to keep the people inside safe. USA Today reported that at least 77 walls have been built since World War II, including barriers in Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, India, Turkey, and Morocco.

The president commented on Twitter as the partial government shutdown continues into its 26th day. Democrats remain resolved not to make a deal with President Trump, despite efforts to compromise and get Democrats to the negotiation table.

“It is becoming more and more obvious that the Radical Democrats are a Party of open borders and crime,” Trump wrote. “They want nothing to do with the major Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border.”

Trump continues to advocate a wall on the southern border as a common sense solution to keep drugs, crime, and illegal immigrants from coming into the country.

“We got to get the politics out of this and go back to common sense,” Trump said last week. “You know, they say it’s a medieval solution, a wall. That’s true. It’s medieval because it worked then and it works even better now.”


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