GOP Rep. McClintock Calls for Special Counsel to ‘Get to the Bottom of All the Skullduggery’ within the FBI, DoJ

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) was asked about the possibility of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein being called to testify before Congress given the allegations Rosenstein and others in the Department of Justice sought to invoke the 25th Amendment to have President Donald Trump removed from office.

McClintock agreed they should, but took it a step further and called on a special counsel investigation into the Department of Justice.

“I think that they should,” McClintock replied. “But, far more importantly, I think that they should be subjected to the same kind of inquiry that we have seen the Mueller investigation take over the last couple of years. There needs to be a special counsel to get to the bottom of all of the skullduggery that was going on in the FBI and the — and the Department of Justice to undermine the constitutional election of a president of the United States.

“And that’s exactly what they were doing, with phony evidence, destruction of evidence, a complete double standard in the application of the law,” he continued. “I mean, you can go down a long laundry list of misdeeds by this cabal of partisan Democratic operatives at the upper levels of the FBI and the Department of Justice. We have got to get to the bottom of that. We have a new attorney general whose most important responsibility, in my opinion, is to get a thorough airing of all of these issues, hold the people accountable for breaking the law, and restore confidence in the impartiality of our Justice Department.”

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