Donald Trump Blasts ‘Bullsh*t’ Investigations and ‘Collusion Delusion’ at CPAC

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during CPAC 2019 on March 02, 2019 in Washington, DC. The American Conservative Union hosts the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to discuss conservative agenda.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

President Donald Trump delighted Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) activists with another off-script speech on Saturday, criticizing the ongoing investigations of his businesses, his campaign, and his presidency.

After beginning his speech reading off of teleprompters, he soon pivoted to other topics in a speech that lasted over an hour.

“You know I’m totally off script right now, and this, you know, is how I got elected, by being off script,” he said. “And if we don’t go off script our country is in big trouble, folks.”

Trump lashed out at the ongoing Mueller investigation and the work behind the scenes at the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate him for connections to Russia.

“Unfortunately you put the wrong people in a couple of positions, and they leave people for a long time that should not be there,” he said. “All of a sudden, they are trying to take you out with bullshit.”

Trump made it clear whom he blamed by mocking the southern accent of his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the investigation.

“Robert Mueller never received a vote, and neither did the person that appointed him,” Trump said, referring to the unelected bureaucrats investigating him.

Trump praised conservative Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) for defending him against the ongoing attacks.

He expressed frustration with the Democrats in Congress that were attacking him, including Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), whom he referenced as “Little Shifty Schiff.”

“These people are sick!” Trump said.

He warned that Democrats were already shifting the investigations to his personal and business deals.

“Where did that come from?” Trump asked. “He always talked about Russia. The collusion delusion.”

Trump recalled how the fake news took his jokes out of context, reminding the crowd of when he mockingly asked Wikileaks to find Hillary Clinton’s emails.

At the mention of Clinton, the crowd roared, “Lock her up, Lock her up!”

He also mocked Clinton’s former campaign manager John Podesta as “still not over getting his ass kicked.”

Trump explained to the crowd that it was “easy” to give extended speeches in rooms full of love and appreciation for what they had done.

“We’re all in love together,” he said.

The crowd chanted, “Four more years! Four more years!”

Trump joked that he should have saved some of his CPAC speech for next year when he ran in 2020.

“We’re in the swamp of Washington, DC, but you know what?” he asked. “We’re winning and they’re not.”


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