Stormy Daniels’ Former Lawyer Says Cohen Was ‘Furious’ at Lack of White House Job

Keith Davidson, Michael Cohen - collage.
ABC News, Win McNamee/Getty Images

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer Keith Davidson told ABC News that Michael Cohen, disgraced former attorney for President Donald Trump, was shocked Trump did not bring him into his administration.

“‘Can you f*cking believe, after everything I’ve done, he’s not taking me to Washington?’” Davidson recalled Cohen ranting, during his conversation with Tom Llamas of ABC News. “He confided in me that he was just beside himself,” Davidson explained. “He felt that it was a personal embarrassment for him, that he was rejected.”

Of course, Cohen went with a very different story when he testified, claiming that he never had White House ambitions. Lawmakers may have a difficult time accepting his word, however, as he has already confessed to lying during questioning on the Trump-Russia investigation.

“I was extremely proud to be the personal attorney for the president of the United States of America,” Cohen said at the time. “I did not want to go to the White House. I was offered jobs.” He wasn’t.

“All I wanted was what I got,” Cohen asserted. “To be personal attorney to the president, to enjoy the senior year of my son in high school, and waiting for my daughter, who is graduating from college, to come back to New York. I got exactly what I want.”

The only real help that Cohen seems to have given the investigation is to make it clear just how trustworthy he actually is.

Spoiler: Not very.


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