‘Stand with Israel’ and ‘Stand with Ilhan’ Chants Compete in Nancy Pelosi’s Office

Pro-Israel demonstrators poured into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Thursday, calling on her to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar and antisemitism. They were interrupted by two pink-clad “Stand with Ilhan” counter-protesters.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero of the National Conference of Jewish Affairs organized the sit-in and from outside Pelosi’s office, went after the speaker’s failure to condemn Rep. Omar’s most recent antisemitic comments or even antisemitism itself.

“She failed us. She had a chance to condemn Omar. She didn’t. She had a chance to condemn standalone, by itself, antisemitism. She didn’t,” said Rabbi Spero. “This was a turning point to stand up and do what was right, what was just, what was fair, and she didn’t.”

After the Rabbi’s comments outside of the office, protesters streamed into Pelosi’s front office. 

The group began chanting, “Stand with Israel.”

A pink-clad counter-protester responded with shouts of “Stand with Ilhan” while brandishing a “Stop Islamophobia” sign.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Omar must go,” the sit-in demonstrators began chanting shortly thereafter.

“When it comes to antisemitism from the left, all the Democrat groups are silent,” said Rabbi Spero.

Watch the entire event:

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