Donald Trump: ‘Hey Bernie … You Missed Your Time’

President Donald Trump taunted Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, asserting that the avowed socialist had “missed his time” to win the Democrat nomination for president.

“Hey Bernie, let me save you a lot of time and effort Bernie, you missed your time, it got taken from you four years ago Bernie,” Trump said, referring to the 2016 Democrat primary with Hillary Clinton.

Trump spoke about the Vermont senator’s 2020 campaign during his own campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina on Wednesday night.

He said that Sanders was not doing well in his campaign and had failed to pass a lot of his ideas, including his radical ideas on health care, in the Senate.

“He’s actually not even a Democrat, isn’t he an independent?” Trump asked. “I don’t know, he’s running as a Democrat.”

Trump said he still respected Sanders for continuing to fight.

“He’s up there ranting and raving and going like a lunatic,” Trump said.

But he mocked Sanders for continuing to promise more free things funded by the government.

“He’s desperate now: You don’t have to pay for anything!” Trump said.


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