Anthony Scaramucci No Longer Supports Trump; Calls for Change in GOP Ticket

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci said Monday that he no longer supports President Trump’s bid for reelection and advocated for a change in the Republican ticket.

“Well, I’m calling for it to be considered, yes,” the former White House communications director said when asked if he supported such a move.

“I think you have to consider a change at the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this. Let’s watch how this unfolds,” he told CNN’s John Berman.

However, Scaramucci admitted the president’s policies are good for America, but he called his rhetoric “divisive.”

“He goes after individuals as the President of the United States on his Twitter account, OK, which incites hate, which incites death threats,” he said. “The racially charged comments, the divisive tweeting, the nonsense coming from the President is not helping the country.”

On Saturday, President Trump criticized Scaramucci on Twitter, stating that he was “incapable” of handling his short-lived position at the White House in July 2017:

The president said Scaramucci “now seems to do nothing but television as the all time expert on ‘President Trump.’ Like many other so-called television experts, he knows very little about me other than the fact that this Administration has probably done more than any other Administration in its first 2 1/2 years of existence.”

“Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it’s not for being the Mooch!” the president wrote.

However, Scaramucci said Monday that he has made an effort to be loyal to the president but stated he is now “neutral” when it comes to supporting him.

“I’m a loyal Republican, and I’ve tried to be loyal to him. But let’s face it, I mean, he’s gone off the rails, and so we just have to call it for what it is,” he said.

“I think that’s pretty obvious from over the weekend,” he continued. “I mean, the guy’s actually dissembling a little bit, and he’s sounding more and more nonsensical. And, you know, we’re sort of anesthetized to it,” he concluded.

On Twitter Sunday, Scaramucci sharply criticized the president and said he would turn on the American people.

“For the last 3 years I have fully supported this President. Recently he has said things that divide the country in a way that is unacceptable,” he wrote. “So I didn’t pass the 100% litmus test. Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country.”


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