Trump Supporter Misidentified as Fat Protester: ‘I Love the Guy’

(INSET: Trump supporter Frank Dawson) US President Donald Trump speaks during a "Keep America Great" campaign rally at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, on August 15, 2019. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) / ALTERNATIVE CROP (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty, Fox News

President Donald Trump on Thursday mocked a man for breaking out in protest during his re-election campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, however, it turns out he is a supporter for the president who was actually confronting real demonstrators seated next to him.

At one point during the rally, President Trump ripped the man who he thought was demonstrating against him, pointing at his and remarking that the protester suffers from a “serious weight problem.”

“Go home, get some exercise.” the president added. “Now he goes home and his mom says, ‘What the hell have you just done?’”

However, the man revealed after the rally that he is a Trump supporter named Frank Dawson who shut down protesters who were waving signs around.

“He was because he didn’t see me rip the signs away from those three people sitting near us,” Dawson told the Fox News Channel. “They were trying to cause a ruckus and they jumped up and started yelling I don’t care what they were yelling.”

“It wasn’t going to happen besides me I’m trying to listen to my president. I think he thought I was part of it, but I wasn’t, I was the good part of it,” he added.

Dawson said there are no hard feelings between him and President despite the public put-down.

“Everything is good,” he said. “I love the guy. He is the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

Dawson is a retired Navy veteran with over years in law enforcement, according to Fox News.

Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak, who reported live from the rally, said the sequence of events mixed with bad sound likely caused the confusion.

“It struck me at the time that Trump might have made a mistake, but it was an honest one. It is very difficult to figure out what’s going on in an indoor stadium with terrible acoustics,” said Pollak.

The rally was protested by the progressive Jewish group IfThisNow. Demonstrators held up signs that read ”Jews Against White Nationalism” and “Your Hate Is Killing Us.”

President Trump said the rally, attended by roughly 12,000 supporters inside the venue broke the attendance record for the arena, which was previously set by music icon Elton John. This excludes the thousands of people who watched the rally from outside the building.


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