Brooks: Trump Is Making Foreign Policy While Watching TV, ‘That’s the Scary Thing’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks reacted to the departure of National Security Adviser John Bolton by stating that “the scary thing” is that President Trump is making foreign policy by himself while watching TV.

Brooks said, “I think the larger problem is that the NSC is supposed to be running the process. … But, with Trump, there’s no process. And so, there are supposed to be meetings, principals’ meetings, undersecretary meetings, all these different layers of meetings. And, apparently, that’s not happening. And so, we have Donald Trump conducting foreign policy in a room. We’ve got 800,000 people in the intelligence community, two million people in the military, Lord knows how many in the State Department, all of whom are kind of irrelevant right now. Because Donald Trump is sitting there watching CNN, or whatever he’s watching, and making foreign policy. And I think that’s the scary thing.”

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