Travel Nurse: Left Would Make Me a Felon for Protecting Myself While Traveling Alone

A travel nurse attending the peaceful pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday blasted lawmakers who want to impose intrusive gun laws, telling Breitbart News that she does not want her state to become a place where women “have to be disarmed when they’re driving by themselves.”

“I’m actually a travel nurse, and I travel across the country. I’m a Virginia resident, and I have to be disarmed when I drive through states like Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and I don’t want Virginia to become one of those states where women have to be disarmed when they’re driving by themselves,” she said, referencing those states’ lack of concealed carry reciprocity laws.

“They have every right to protect themselves, and the bills that are proposed today would make a lot of my firearms illegal and make me a felon,” she continued, adding that she is also a competitive shooter.

“It’s a very much part of my life and what I do,” she added.

Even the Washington Post, which attempted to frame the rally as Charlottesville 2.0, ultimately conceded, admitting the peaceful nature of the event.

“Despite anger, threats of insurrection, massive rally is carried out peacefully outside state Capitol,” the Post’s headline read.


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