Donald Trump: Elizabeth Warren ‘Very Selfish’ for Not Endorsing Bernie Sanders

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump said Wednesday at the White House that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was “very selfish” for refusing to exit the presidential race and taking votes from Sen. Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

“Elizabeth Warren was the single biggest factor in that election last night,” Trump said to reporters. “It would’ve been a very different thing, and not in a positive way for her – in a very selfish way for her. She was very selfish from that point of view.”

The president spoke about the race while meeting with airline executives at the White House.

“Had Elizabeth Warren endorsed Bernie, you’re talking about a whole different subject,” Trump continued. “And that’s not even a question.”

Trump said that if Warren had dropped out, Sanders could have won in states such as Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota.

“She was really a spoiler,” he said adding, “I think there’s a lot of bad blood there.”

Sanders told reporters on Wednesday that he spoke with Warren, but said that it was ultimately up to her to decide the future of her campaign.

The president said he did not care which Democrat won the election but admitted that former Vice President Joe Biden had a big night.

But he cautioned that Biden’s “handlers” were leftists.

“I want to be nice, but they are handlers,” Trump said. “Some of Joe’s handlers are further left than Bernie. That’s pretty scary.”


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