NBA Star Steph Curry to Interview Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday

Steph Curry
Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry will interview Dr. Anthony Fauci about the coronavirus on Instagram, this Thursday.

Curry announced his “COVID-19 Q&A with Dr. Fauci” in a post on Twitter, where he promised to “talk all this COVID-19.”

With 30 million followers, Curry has a large platform to help get the word out about the virus to millions of Americans who might otherwise not be paying attention to the facts about the outbreak.

Fauci appeared on the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take last week to talk about the virus.

The doctor noted that young people are not at risk for the virus to the same degree older people are, but that does not mean they have nothing to worry about.

“The younger individuals, people who are the millennials, people who are otherwise young and healthy, generally, with some exceptions, you’re not completely exempt from risk,” he said.

“The problem is, we need the young people to help us to protect the vulnerable because, when an individual who is young gets infected, and either has no symptoms at all, or even mild symptoms, that individual will continue the virus spreading in the community,” Dr. Fauci said during last week’s podcast. “You might inadvertently, even though you feel that you are invulnerable… even if you are doing very well, you have to be a very important part of our national effort to contain the outbreak.”

Fauci also told the more vulnerable people what to do.

“If you look at the data, and it’s pretty solid data now, that has been collected for at least two and a half months… when you look at the totality of the outbreak in a given country, clearly the people who get into trouble, who get seriously ill and who ultimately die… are very heavily weighted toward the elderly and those with underlying serious medical conditions,” Fauci said.

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