Donald Trump Announces ‘Opening the Country Council’ for Restarting Economy

White House

President Donald Trump on Friday at the White House announced that he would draft an economic advisory council focused on reopening the country.

“I call it the ‘opening of the country council,’ so we don’t get it confused with Mike’s task force, which has done so great,” he said, referring to Vice President Mike Pence’s coronavirus task force.

The president said that he would put doctors, business leaders, and other advisers on the council to help him decide when was the best time to allow Americans to go back to work.

“I’m going to surround myself with the greatest minds,” Trump said. “We’re going to make a decision.”

When a reporter asked him what metrics he would use to make the decision, Trump replied, “The metrics right here” and pointed at his head.

Trump said it was the biggest decision of his life, and he took it very seriously.

“I only hope to God that it’s the right decision,” he said.

The president said he would likely conduct the council with teleconferencing, to keep people from traveling and spreading the virus.

“I don’t think it would look good,” Trump said.

The president said he would consider adding even Democrats to his proposed council, noting that he had great relationships with some of the Democrat governors fighting the virus in their states.

“It’ll be based on the input from a lot of talented people, very smart people, and people that love our country,” he said.


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