Donald Trump: Yes, It Is Appropriate to Defend 2nd Amendment During Coronavirus Pandemic

White House

President Donald Trump on Saturday defended challenging Gov. Ralph Northam on the Second Amendment during the coronavirus pandemic.

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal asked Trump during the White House press briefing if it was “right time” to bring up a Second Amendment issue in the state of Virginia, citing a message on Twitter from the president.

“I think that’s an easy one, that’s not even politics, we’re entitled to a Second Amendment,” Trump said. “To me that’s liberty … where does it all stop?”

Trump noted that the United States was selling an unprecedented amount of guns during the pandemic.

“It’s obviously a big issue, and then you have them working and signing documents and trying to take your Second Amendment away essentially,” Trump said, referring to Gov. Ralph Northam signing gun control legislation during the pandemic.

“I do think it’s an appropriate time to bring it up,” he added.


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