Joe Biden Virtual Rally: Glitches, Screen Goes Black, Candidate Asks ‘Am I On?’

Joe Biden Glitchy Virtual Rally
Twitter/ @EoinHiggins_

Joe Biden’s campaign attempted to hold a virtual rally on Thursday and it melted down in a tech disaster.

Biden apparently was to be introduced, and he was going to walk towards the camera before dramatically removing his aviator sunglasses.

The video almost immediately glitched, and before Biden strutted forward, he said, “Did they introduce me? Am I on?”

As Biden attempted to address supporters, his words were garbled to the point of being indecipherable and the glitching video made his face contort in awkward, unnatural ways:

Another time, the screen went black:

Biden attempted to argue he would be the president who would ensure front line workers would have the personal protective equipment — PPE — that they need.

Except, he confused the acronym with the Paycheck Protection Program:

“We have to make sure that there’s work protection, uh, available, the PPPs available,” he said.

“PPP to make sure people can be safe in their jobs,” he added.

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