Castro: Trump’s Coronavirus Response ‘One of the Worst Failures in the History of Our Country’

Sunday on MSNBC, former Housing Secretary Julian Castro called President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response “one of the worst failures in the history of our country.”

When asked about the Trump administration pointing to China initially covering up the severity of the coronavirus, Castro said, “The Trump administration and this president is looking for any way that they can distract Americans from the fact that at the very moment when we needed strong leadership, when we needed a president and administration that was prepared to keep Americans safe, Trump and his administration failed, and they failed spectacularly.”

He added, “To look at The New York Times cover today, to think that we’re closing in on 100,000 deaths in this country, so many of those deaths that did not have to happen that happened because this administration was unprepared. And so they could try and blame other countries, they could, you know, talk about anything they want, what they can’t do is avoid the fact that they were unprepared and because of that so many Americans have died. It is a complete failure. I agree with those that said this is one of the worst failures in the history of our country.”

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