McCarthy on ‘Proxy Voting’: Pelosi ‘Taking a Crisis as an Opportunity to Secure More Power for Herself’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sounded off on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and congressional Democrats for utilizing “proxy voting” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

McCarthy this week joined congressional Republicans in filing a lawsuit against Pelosi saying proxy voting is unconstitutional and during Thursday’s Fox News Channel broadcast of “America’s Newsroom” reiterated Pelosi’s attempt to “secure more power for herself” amid a crisis is “unconstitutional.”

“Everybody should be opposed to proxy voting,” McCarthy told host Sandra Smith. “Almost one-third of the Democrats did not show up to work yesterday but they’ll still get their paycheck. More than 50 million Americans did not have a voice on that floor. Democrats signed a piece of paper that said they were physically unable to come to Congress, but Charlie Crist was able to even though he signed that paper to go to the launch across the state. So, he lied to his own constituents, he lied under oath to those members that are in Congress themselves. And think for one moment — 231 years, we have never done this. Through yellow fever of 1793, through the Civil War, through the Spanish flu, even when the building was burned down in the War of 1812, 9/11.”

He continued, “We should convene, the Constitution says we should. It is only the ability of Nancy Pelosi to try to get more power. Her own words yesterday on the floor … she says this is an opportunity, every crisis is. She’s taking a crisis as an opportunity to secure more power for herself and allow only 20 people to control the entire floor. That’s unconstitutional. They do not have the power and the right to do it, and all Americans should stand against this.”

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