Joe Biden Blames George Floyd for Delayed Jobs Plan, Claims He Was ‘Held Up Against That Curb’

Joe Biden / YouTube

Joe Biden appeared to suffer trouble with his teleprompter on Friday and said George Floyd was to blame for his delayed jobs plan.

The presumptive Democrat nominee seemed to compliment the Trump economy and said, “In the coming weeks, I’ll lay out a plan I’ve developed for my comprehensive plan not just to build back the economy to the way it was before COVID-19, but to build it back better.”

He claimed his plan would include creating jobs, financing infrastructure, and “investing in innovation,” and he seemed to blame Floyd for his delay in offering an economic agenda.

The former vice president added that his plan involves “rewiring the faulty structures to our economy” and said that “simply tweeting slogans like ‘Transition to Greatness’ won’t solve anything,” referring to President Trump’s calls to reopen the economy.

Biden stumbled often through the address, taking long pauses and offering disjointed sentences to his audience.

“I look forward to introducing…I would have already done it had not, had, had, uh, we not had the death…George had not been held up against that curb. I had planned to introduce it earlier, but I’ll be introducing it very quickly,” he said.

Floyd was not held up against a “curb” as the candidate suggested.

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