Jenna Ellis: The Left Will Cancel the Constitution

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The Constitution is moments away from being canceled.

In a highly-charged 2020 political environment, America needs to return to firm footing, grounded in a predictable, dependable system of government. We need to put the rule of law over the rule of men, whether it’s a mob that takes over six square blocks of an American city, or the hijacking of the Supreme Court by robed justices.

The rule of law in America matters because without it, we don’t have genuine freedom. Without our Constitution, we are at the mercy of tyrants and anarchists and the whim of the latest cultural movement.

Our Founders gave America the greatest beginning through our Constitution, which does not allow any single person or group total power. Instead of beginning with power, our Founders began with recognizing individual rights, and then determined the best system of government to protect those rights for all. 

This is genuine equality—the recognition that every human being is made in the image of God and endowed by God with inalienable rights, and that government is necessary to preserve and protect those rights for every person. Because our system is all about individual freedom, not government power, we separate powers and divide them among ourselves so that there are checks and balances and (hopefully) a guarantee that government won’t become about concentrated power.

But today, we have lost that understanding. We’ve lost the principles of America’s founding and with it, our freedoms. We’ve lost the understanding that we need to separate powers rather than concentrate or manipulate them. We’ve lost the idea that to have a well-ordered society, we must have laws and a mechanism to enforce those laws that isn’t arbitrary, but predictable and uniform.

The Constitution was designed to provide these guarantees and protections for every person, and with it, the opportunity to create a more perfect union.

But the extreme leftists don’t care about any of that, and they are actively revolutionizing and transforming America. Their view of America is all about power for themselves instead of freedom for everyone.

When mayors and governors refuse to enforce law in their cities or provide the necessary structure, freedom is lost. When a majority of robed justices manipulate the law according to their own political preferences, protections for our rights are lost. Every Democrat elected official is failing us, and every liberal activist embedded in government is failing us.

The 2020 election will be a turning point in America’s history. We will either reclaim our founding principles and strive to continue this great American experiment in liberty, or we will cede to the cultural pressures of the progressive left and lose our country as we know it.

There is a huge tide that has sent wave after wave of attacks against our Constitution to erode it away until it is fully lost. This is why the left hates and attacks President Trump. He is the difference between keeping and restoring our freedoms and losing this country to power-hungry liberal elites.

If we truly value our founding principles and our rule of law, we have to keep it and we have to fight to keep it. We have to fight alongside President Trump and boldly stand with him against the crushing waves that seek to censor us, silence us, cancel us, and destroy our Constitution and with it, our great Nation.

We have to speak up for truth and for our rights. The only guarantee of our country is freedom. But that guarantee comes with our participation in government because we self-govern and we have an objective moral standard of truth and enforcement of law in society. We must hold accountable those who would manipulate and abuse our system.

As much as we may be frustrated and feel like giving up after this week of discouraging headlines and a ridiculous Supreme Court, we have to resolve that we aren’t going down without a fight. That battle will be at the ballot box in November. 

Every person who cares about freedom, equality, liberty, rights, standards, goodness, and truth in this country must show up and vote for President Trump and every conservative on the ticket all the way down ballot.

We can win. We can restore. We can continue to Make America Great Again for all. We can continue to enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of association, free exercise of religion and our sincerely held beliefs, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to due process, the right to participate in a free marketplace of ideas, the right to participate in our economy through capitalism, the right to be free from government infringement, and so many other rights and liberties that make up our American way of life.

President Trump is fighting because America and American greatness is worth it. We are the greatest country on Earth because of our founding principles providing freedom and opportunity for all. 

And it is moments away from being lost.

Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney, the senior legal adviser to the Trump 2020 Campaign, and fellow at Falkirk Center at Liberty University. She is an attorney to President Trump and the author of “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution.”


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