Trump: ‘Terrible Decision’ for L.A. School District to Go Online-Only in Fall

Los Angeles School District
ROBYN BECK/ AFP via Getty Images

Appearing Tuesday on CBS News, President Donald Trump condemned the Los Angeles Unified School District’s plan to hold online-only classes in the fall due to concerns stemming from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, calling it a “terrible decision.”

A transcript is as follows: 

CATHERINE HERRIDGE: The Los Angeles school district is the latest and one of the largest in the country to say they’re not going back to school in the fall.


HERRIDGE: What do you tell parents and teachers who feel that it’s unsafe to go back?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person whoever’s in charge of that decision because it’s a terrible decision. Children and parents are dying from that trauma too. They’re dying because they can’t do what they’re doing. Mothers can’t go to work all of a sudden and they have to stay home and watch their child, and fathers. There’s a tremendous strain on that whole side of the equation.


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