Michigan’s Eric Esshaki: ‘When Did the Conservative Party Lose Its Backbone?’

Eric Esshaki
Eric Esshaki for Congress

Michigan Republican congressional candidate Eric Esshaki (R-11) is ready to take on incumbent Congresswoman Haley Stevens (D) and defend President Trump.

“When did the conservative party lose its backbone?” Essaki asked on The Kyle Olson Show:

If they’re going to attack us, he need to stand up and we need to attack back. We need to point out the flaws in their failed policies. Every policy that Haley Stevens and the left supports calls for bigger government, higher taxes, and that translates into fewer liberties for folks like you and me.

He said arguments should be based on “common sense and logic, something that the left completely lacks.”

Esshaki skewered one of his primary opponents, Carmelita Greco, whom he called a “fake Republican and anti-Trump” in a campaign mailing.

“The reality of it is she’s been gone from Michigan for 20 years. She was out in L.A. hanging out with her liberal friends,” and returned a year ago.

“She dresses up like an American flag after hiring an anti-Trump consultant and claims to be the conservative candidate,” he said and added the Republican candidate should advocate for conservative principles and help President Trump win Michigan in November.

The 11th Congressional District in Michigan is made up of portions of Wayne and Oakland counties, and has frequently changed party hands over the last decade.

The incumbent, Stevens, has perhaps been best known not for legislation or leadership in Washington, but for yelling outbursts.

Esshaki made reference to one such moment when Stevens was speaking on the House floor, and after her time had expired, she continued speaking, yelling over the Democrat colleague presiding as Speaker, and had her microphone cut off.


Another shouting incident occurred during a town hall meeting held at a gun range.

Stevens suffered a voice-cracking meltdown:

“Haley Stevens is wrong on issue after issue,” Esshaki told The Kyle Olson Show.

“She votes with Nancy Pelosi 100 percent of the time after she ran as a moderate. She’s anything but a moderate,” he said.

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