Dozens Attend Pro-Police Rally in Nevada Ahead of Criminal Justice Reform Session

ST PAUL, MN - JUNE 27: A demonstrator holds a "Thin Blue Line" flag and a sign in support
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Dozens of pro-police protesters attended a rally on Thursday in Carson City, Nevada, just before a special legislative session that will focus on several major criminal justice reforms.

The rally, dubbed “Don’t Handcuff Our Police,” was organized by the Nevada Republican Party and President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, and featured speeches from several GOP legislators.

Certain measures being pushed as part of the reform include drug and alcohol testing of police officers who have been involved in a shooting and the requirement of police to intervene in situations where they witness another officer’s misuse of force. State lawmakers have also discussed preventing officers from using chokeholds.

“We want fair and equal treatment for all people, including our police officers,” said Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (R). “Have you seen any protest against doctors? Probably one or two percent of them don’t get it right and people die.”

“But then you talk about the 99.9 percent of our law enforcement officers who get it right every single time … Let’s stand up for the good ones,” Wheeler added. “Let’s stand up for the ones that have our back.”

Republican Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen was also in attendance and echoed Wheeler’s remarks, saying she is “disturbed” by the recent demands against police officers.

“I have great faith in our law enforcement,” Hansen said. “Yes, there are some bad actors at times, but we believe in law and order.”

“One of the things I find most disturbing is the kind of disrespect shown to our law enforcement,” Hansen added. “It’s reminiscent of how our military and veterans were treated during Vietnam.”

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