CNN’s Lemon: Trump Lobbed ‘a Slur at China’ by Saying ‘China Virus’

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon stated that President Trump lobbed “a slur at China” by referring to the coronavirus as “the China virus” while discussing the death of former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Lemon said, “Well, today, if it wasn’t already obvious to you what President Trump has done to the highest office in the land, it should be. All day, from first thing this morning until night, three decades…of presidential leadership on display, living proof. You have President Trump, and you had the three presidents who proceeded him. You had Bill Clinton, you had George W. Bush, and you had Barack Obama. Today, we saw what it means to be president. We saw the dignity the office can bestow, and the dignity that can be stripped away. So, why don’t we begin with the current president, who, with the death toll from the coronavirus in this country passing 152,000, and while mourning Herman Cain, who died of the virus, just can’t resist lobbing a slur at China.”

Lemon then played a clip of Trump speaking about Cain earlier in the day where he stated that Cain passed away from “the China virus.”

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