Donald Trump Narrows Convention Speech to the White House or Gettysburg

Trump, Gettysburg, 2016

President Donald Trump on Monday said he had narrowed down the location of his Republican party nomination acceptance speech to two different sites.

“We have narrowed the Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, to be delivered on the final night of the Convention (Thursday), to two locations – The Great Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the White House, Washington, D.C.,” the president announced on Twitter.

The president has previously expressed his support for delivering his speech at the White House, despite some criticism for politicizing the building that should be only reserved for official government actions.

“I’m thinking about the White House because it’s the most convenient place,” Trump said in an interview last week with radio host Geraldo Rivera. “It’s the easiest, it’s the least expensive.”

Trump dismissed the critics, noting that they would protest any of his choices — including if it was at his hotel in Washington, DC.

“Any place I use they will find trouble with it,” Trump said.

Gettysburg is significant to Trump’s first campaign for president after he delivered a “Contract to America” speech there outlining his “America first” approach to the presidency in October 2016.

Trump’s speech is scheduled for August 27, after Republican delegates in Raleigh, North Carolina officially nominate him for president in 2020.

“We will announce the decision soon!” Trump said.


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