FACT CHECK: Chuck Schumer Claims Trump Hid in Bunker While Americans Were Tear Gassed, Beaten

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 29: Demonstrators clash with police during a protest in response to t
asos Katopodis/Getty Images

CLAIM: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused President Donald Trump of hiding in a bunker while Americans were tear-gassed and beaten.

VERDICT: Misleading. President Donald Trump was reportedly taken by Secret Service to the White House security bunker on Friday, May 29, when protesters grew violent outside the perimeter, but it was not when law enforcement agents deployed a show of strength to clear out Lafayette Square on June 1.

On the 29th, Secret Service agents stood between protesters and the White House fence and wrestled with temporary barriers as they threw water bottles, fireworks, and other objects at the agents. At one point, law enforcement deployed pepper spray and other irritants to push back the crowd from the temporary barriers. Only six of the violent protesters were arrested, even though Secret Service agents were reported injured. Violent leftists that night assaulted a Breitbart News cameraman when they spotted him filming at the protest.

Riots escalated throughout the weekend and became more violent, prompting tougher measures from law enforcement. On June 1, law enforcement officers expanded the perimeter outside the White House, clearing Lafayette square at Attorney General Bill Barr’s orders.

The clash between protesters and rioters and law enforcement agents was more violent, as police deployed anti-riot measures, including pepper balls, and used riot gear to force the violent protesters out of the square.

President Trump was delivering remarks in the Rose Garden during the more violent clash with protesters and then left the White House to visit St. John’s Episcopal Church across the park.


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