Dr. Ronny Jackson: Unlike DNC Speech, Unrehearsed Debates Will Be Real Test for Joe Biden

dr ronny jackson with Donald Trump
Texans for Ronny Jackson

Former White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson told The Kyle Olson Show that the debates with President Donald Trump will be very different from Joe Biden’s “heavily rehearsed” Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech “with a teleprompter.”

Jackson said he has seen nothing over the last few weeks that would change his mind that Biden is suffering from cognitive decline.

“The real test is does he have the cognitive ability to do the job and is there something cognitively that’s changed over the last few years with him. It’s going to be how he reacts in an unrehearsed setting,” Jackson said of the debates.

He said the debates, which he previously speculated that Biden’s campaign would attempt to cancel, would be “a big test.”

The Biden campaign has featured his past stuttering as an example of his perseverance. There was a poignant moment on Thursday night when a 13-year-old boy suffering from a stutter spoke at the DNC.

“I do think that they’re using that as an excuse because” Biden has a long history of being in the public eye and not stuttering.

“For him to have had childhood stuttering and then overcome it for his entire adult life and then suddenly it comes back at this point now in this race and it’s suddenly an issue, I don’t buy that,” Jackson told The Kyle Olson Show.

“I think that’s an effort to cover things up.”

Jackson said Biden’s campaign is doing its best to “shelter him and keep him off the campaign trail” and added if Biden actually debates Trump, “it’s absolutely going to become the bigger issue.”

Jackson recently won the Republican nomination for the 13th Congressional District in Texas and said he would not be able to avoid campaigning in person, as Biden’s campaign indicated this week.

“That wouldn’t fly at all. I would get summarily beat,” he said. “People here expect you to get out and talk to them.”

He said they want to hear “what you can do for them, what you can do for this country and that’s what he needs to be doing, as well.”

Jackson said if Biden wants to be president, he needs to get out and campaign “and demonstrate he’s capable of doing the job.”

He said the presidency is a highly demanding job.

“Long hours, very little sleep and you have to be mentally very sharp because you have to be able to multitask,” he said, “and you have to remember a lot of stuff.”

“If you’re not mentally 100 percent … and completely cognitively normal, you’re going to have some real difficulty with that,” Jackson said.

He added the lack of sleep “will only make the cognitive part worse.”

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