Watch — Ex-Democrat Turned Trump Supporter: ‘I Was Floored’ by Size of Conservative LBGT Community

A self-identified ex-Democrat, who gathered in Bemidji, Minnesota, on Friday ahead of President Trump’s rally, said he was “floored” by the size of the conservative LGBT community and spoke against the narrative that the left’s view of LGBT “is the only view and there’s nothing else.” That narrative, he added, is “not the case.”

Chris, who identified himself as an ex-Democrat, described the community of Trump supporters as “so welcoming.” He told Breitbart News’s Ali-Jae Nicolai that he joined a MAGA group on Facebook and was “floored by how big of an LGBT community there is on the conservative side.”

“Like no one talks about it,” he said.

“You hear that the left’s view of LGBT is the only view and there’s nothing else, and that’s not the case,” he continued. “And it’s like, your social groups, your sexuality, your race — it’s not, it does not dictate your political views.”

Amanda Ruddy, another Trump supporter, held a sign reading, “The media and the left have lied to you. This LGBTQ conservative loves and supports Donald J. Trump.” She suggested that the left’s focus on identity politics drove her to make it.

“So Trump is the most pro-LGBT president that we have ever had. He supported same-sex marriage before he became president, as well as still now. I mean he appointed Richard Grenell, the first, the highest openly gay man … to office,” she said.

“He’s the only president to want to try to work with world leaders to decriminalize homosexuality where, you know, in countries they are killed or jailed for being attracted to the same sex,” Ruddy continued, adding that she has “always been a conservative” and agrees with “all of President Trump’s policies.”

“I’ve always heard people like me don’t exist or I’m self-hating. But here I am. I’m a conservative, and I’m part of the LGBT community on the right.”


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