Denver Archbishop Decries Planned Parenthood Defense of Late-Term Abortion

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Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila has called out Planned Parenthood’s well-funded crusade to keep late-term abortion legal in Colorado.

“Planned Parenthood & the abortion industry are spending millions to defeat Prop 115, but the virtue of charity & truth are on our side,” Archbishop Aquila wrote on Twitter Tuesday, in reference to a proposed ban on late abortions on the Colorado ballot.

Colorado currently allows abortions up to the moment of birth but Proposition 115 would limit the gestational age of the fetus at which an abortion can be performed, prohibiting abortions after a child reaches 22 weeks.

Under the initiative, abortions after 22 weeks would continue to be lawful if the physician believes it is immediately necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman, a situation that rarely if ever presents itself.

A 2019 letter signed by medical leaders representing more than 30,000 American physicians declared that intentionally killing an unborn baby in an abortion is never necessary to save a mother’s life.

“After 20 weeks fertilisation age, it is never necessary to intentionally kill the fetal human being in order to save a woman’s life,” the letter stated.

In Tuesday’s tweet, Archbishop Aquila urges Colorado citizens to learn more about the final push to end late-term abortion in the state.

The archbishop also retweeted a message from his brother bishop, Gregory Parkes of St. Petersburg, stating that if we fail to protect life at its “most innocent and vulnerable stage, in the womb, what guarantee is there that life will respected and protected at any stage?”

“Among the issues to consider when voting, protecting innocent life in the womb must be preeminent,” the message declares.


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