Donald Trump: We Beat the ‘Really Stupid’ Never Trumpers and RINOS


President Donald Trump during a campaign rally in North Carolina Wednesday recalled the forces that continued fighting his political movement.

“We’ve had to beat the really stupid dumb people, the Never Trumpers, we’ve had to beat the RINOS — that’s ‘Republican in name only.’ RINO. I love that term,” Trump said as the crowd laughed.

The president also noted he had to beat the “fake news lamestream media” that had partnered with the Democrat party.

He also referred to the wealthy and powerful “Big Tech” companies of Silicon Vally that were working against his campaign and censoring conservatives.

“Now we find out without any doubt we’ve had to beat the Big Tech giants,” he said.

Trump also noted that he had defeated all of the political pundits and consultants.

“I’ve soundly, every single one of these clowns … I defeated them so badly that they’ve never gotten over it … these people are sick. They are sad, sad people.

The president said that the “deep state” in Washington, DC, continued to be a problem as he tried to govern the country.

“The deep staters right? We had to beat them … you know the swamp and the swamp creatures are much deeper and much worse than we ever thought,” Trump said.

The president’s remark prompted the rally crowd to chant, “DRAIN THE SWAMP!”


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