Joni Ernst Ad Torches Theresa Greenfield Saying There Is ‘Systemic Racism’ in Law Enforcement

Joni for Iowa

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) released an ad on Friday in which Iowa law enforcement officers slam Iowa Democrat Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield for claiming that there is “systemic racism” in law enforcement.

Greenfield, who hopes to oust Ernst in the November election, has repeatedly claimed there that there is “systemic racism” in Iowa’s police.

Greenfield said in an interview in October:

 I do believe that we have to address systemic racism in policing but also in healthcare, in housing, in education, in lending. Black and brown Americans have suffered from discrimination — and Iowans — for generations too long, and we do need to take action. I’ll tell you what, we did a pretty good job on a first step here in Iowa. I’ve talked to our Black legislative leaders, and they worked hard to pass the Plan for a More Perfect Union, which requires racial bias training, de-escalation training, banning chokeholds and some other things. I think there’s no reason we can’t take those kinds of common sense reforms nationally.

The transcript of the ad reads:

Law Enforcement Officer, Justin: “Being a cop these days is hard enough. So it doesn’t help when liberals like Theresa Greenfield call us racist.”

Retired Iowa State Patrol, Clel: “Greenfield says there’s systemic racism in Iowa law enforcement. That’s offensive.”

Law Enforcement Officer, Justin: “Just to impress the Washington liberals funding her campaign, she attacked police and called us racist.”

Retired Iowa State Patrol, Clel: “Theresa Greenfield lied about Iowa law enforcement…”

Law Enforcement Officer, Justin: “…to raise campaign money.”

Ernst said in a statement in June that calls to defund the police are “dangerous”:

Let’s be clear: defunding the police is an absurd and radical position. Certainly improvements and changes are needed to make our communities safer, but liberals’ radical call to abolish, defund, and disband our men and women in blue is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.

She asked rhetorically, “Will Theresa Greenfield join me in denouncing calls to defund or abolish our police officers?”

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