Donald Trump in Michigan: ‘I’m Working My Ass Off’


President Donald Trump said Tuesday at a rally in Michigan he would continue his busy campaign schedule while former Vice President remained in his basement.

“I’ve gotta say, I’m working my ass off here,” Trump said, recalling his three massive rallies on Monday in Pennsylvania.

The president campaigned in Lansing, Michigan, on Tuesday afternoon, with plans for rallies in Wisconsin and Nebraska on the same day.

“Sleepy Joe, the guy goes to his basement, he’s got another lid,” Trump said about Biden.

Biden campaigned in Georgia on Tuesday afternoon with a few supporters inside white circles ensuring social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump hosts much larger rallies with thousands of people outdoors, usually at an airport.

“I always say to my people, why don’t you get a bigger airport?” Trump joked, noting the huge crowds.

“Seven days from now we’re going to win the Great state of Michigan and we’re going to win four more years in the White House,” Trump continued. “There’s never been a campaign in the history of this country that has had more enthusiasm or bigger crowds.”

The crowd responded by chanting, “We love you!”

Trump responded, “I love you too, that’s why we’re here.”


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