Blackburn: The Media Do Not Select the President of the United States

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) told Fox News on Monday the media do not pick the president, reminding them that in 2000 then-Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore was given an opportunity to exhausted legal options before eventually conceding the election to Republican George W. Bush.

“One of the things that the media forgets is they do not select the President of the United States,” she said. “The American people elect the president of the United States. And in 2000, Al Gore spent 37 days exhausting every option, and President Donald Trump should also exhaust all options that are available to him. He is doing this to make certain that the votes that are legal are counted, that illegal votes are tossed out, and that the American people can have confidence that this election was properly run, that votes were properly cast and counted.”

Blackburn urged viewers to report any discrepancies they have felt that they have encountered.

“So, the President should — and I will tell you, I’m very pleased that A.G. Barr is beginning to look at the irregularities in anyone who was disenfranchised, or anyone who knows of irregularities, should go to the website and report these so that they can be investigated,” Blackburn added.

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