Exclusive — Rep. Fleischmann Warns of ‘Nightmare’ Scenario if Georgia Votes Democrat in Senate Runoffs: ‘God Forbid’ if Kamala Harris Breaks Ties

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Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview this weekend that he is concerned about a potential “nightmare” scenario whereby the Democrats would take control of the United States Senate if their candidates somehow won the U.S. Senate runoff elections on Jan. 5 in Georgia.

Fleischmann, who appeared on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel from his Chattanooga-anchored congressional district which borders Georgia to the north in Tennessee, urged Georgians to reelect Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) in the upcoming runoff races on Jan. 5. Loeffler and Perdue will face Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff respectively, and if the Democrats somehow took both of these seats then the Senate would be a 50-50 tie between Democrats and Republicans. That would mean whoever the Vice President of the United States is next year would be the deciding vote on which party controls the Senate and on major legislation.

While President Donald Trump continues to challenge the election results, former Vice President Joe Biden—the Democrat presidential candidate—currently leads in enough places to win the presidency. Biden has established, alongside his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), an “office of the president-elect,” and even as Trump continues his challenges the president has granted Biden’s team access to the General Services Administration (GSA) for resources to conduct a formal transition team. All of the states that Trump is challenging have certified Biden victories, and all that remains ahead are the slating of electors and then a formal electoral college vote. As such, assuming Biden succeeds in fending off Trump’s challenges, then Harris would become the Vice President next year and would cut ties in the Senate. So if the Democrats take these Georgia seats, then Harris—and now Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer—would assume control under that scenario of the upper chamber of Congress.

Asked about this scenario during his appearance on Breitbart News Saturday’s Thanksgiving weekend radio special, Fleischmann described it as a “nightmare” for America.

“It’s a nightmare. I think you’ve hit it right on the head. It would be a nightmare with a capital N,” Fleischmann said. “Bear this in mind: even with a Republican majority, which has been so critical in the United States Senate, not all Republicans have stuck together with Leader McConnell on votes. Mike Pence has cast very important tie-breaking votes from time to time. One thing about the Democrats: They have discipline with a capital D. That is bad. In other words, they will stick together. They will vote together. It would be Chuck Schumer’s agenda which would be a nightmare for America. Let me basically say this. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have been very good incumbent United States Senators, not only for the great state of Georgia but for the United States of America. They have by and large voted the right way, they have done the right things, they’ve supported President Trump’s agenda. Conversely, the promises that are being made by the two Democratic challengers are far, far left in a state—Georgia—that is not Massachusetts or Vermont. It’s still a very conservative state and I believe the voters in Georgia will reject the Democrats’ challenges and reelect Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler.”

The Democrat candidates who have been put forward by their party, Warnock and Ossoff, are extremely radical leftists, too, Fleischmann said. Warnock has been caught on tape making any number of radical comments, from accusing America of being a “racist” country to mocking churchgoers who seek to defend themselves with firearms, while Ossoff has been caught covering up deep ties he has to the Chinese Communist Party.

“These are not Sam Nunn Georgia Democrats by any phase of the imagination,” Fleischmann said. “These are radical leftwing Democrats who have had a poor electoral history. Look, Ossoff has lost before and he has really done poorly this past time. But even a poor candidate can be bolstered and will be bolstered by national Democrats. When we see tens of millions of dollars from California, from the northeast, pour into Georgia for this race, the Democrats are taking these races seriously and they will run poor candidates and try to prop them up so they can get the W. What we need to do as Republicans is make sure both campaigns—Loeffler’s and Perdue’s—are well-funded, that we get the Republican base out, that we reach out to independents and conservative Democrats in Georgia who do not want Georgia represented by radical left-wingers in the United States Senate. This race is critically important for so many different things because you’re so right we do not want a situation where the Senate is actually promoting Chuck Schumer’s agenda because unfortunately in my body, the House, even though we made gains, Nancy Pelosi is going to be the Speaker. That’s bad for America and that’s bad for the House. So we need to save the Senate.”

The Democrats also intend to engage in any number of dirty tricks in these upcoming runoff elections. As Breitbart News reported, one leftist Democrat Super PAC is plotting posting billboards in Trump-heavy areas designed to try to drive down turnout among the president’s most ardent supporters in Georgia for the runoff elections. What’s more, the Georgia Secretary of State announced this week it is investigating a number of leftist organizations behind pushes to register out-of-state people as voters in the runoff elections including a group associated with former Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. That group has denied impropriety, but officials have just begun their probe. There are also concerns regarding election integrity surrounding ballot boxes and mail-in absentee votes, of which there were more than a million more in November’s election than the last general election in Georgia in 2018. Asked how Republicans can fight back against this, Fleischmann told Breitbart News that sunlight is the best disinfectant—and that reporting on this and exposing the Democrats’ dirty tricks is critical.

“First of all, we do what you’re doing at Breitbart which is getting out information to the people of Georgia,” Fleischmann said. “Let’s face it: there are Republican voters and there are Democratic voters and there are independent voters and then there are voters who don’t necessarily ascribe to any political party but they are very proud Georgians and have had a very good history of good representation on both sides of the aisle in that state historically. However, that would change radically with the election of either Ossoff or Warnock. Most Georgians would never ascribe to their radical leftwing philosophy. Remember, Georgia is not Massachusetts or Vermont thank goodness, but it’s a very different state. It’s a large state. Atlanta and its suburbs votes very different from the counties that are right over the line from me.”

“The north Georgia counties that are right across from me, right across the line, 10 minutes away, will probably be 80 percent with the Republican candidate. Trump did well there, and Loeffler and Perdue will do very well there. But what Republicans have got to do is make sure that we take this race so seriously because I think not only the fate of the Senate—but the fate of the country, I’ll be that bold—is riding on these two elections. We’ve got to elect Perdue and we’ve got to elect Kelly Loeffler. It is too critically important because if we lose those races then Chuck Schumer and his leftwing comrades will unfortunately rule the day in the United States Senate. God forbid if Kamala Harris is that tie breaking vote—she will certainly not vote like Mike Pence did,” Fleischmann said.



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